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Things you need to know

Things you need to know

-In winters bathe your baby with lukewarm water on alternate days to protect them from catching a cold
-Massage your baby to keep them cosy and warm through the winter season
-Allow your kid to be exposed to the sun in a healthy way to help guard and kill germs while also providing warmth to the body

Winter care for babies

Winter care for babies

All you want to do during the winter season is stay cosy by keeping yourself warm inside the house, and if you are a new mother, you will want to keep your newborn/child safe from the harsh cold waves outside. As the temperature starts to drop, it becomes a cause of concern for mothers as a baby’s immune system is still developing, and she fears that the baby will be vulnerable to colds and illnesses.

Baby care tips

Baby care tips

1. Layer it up

Baby’s winter dress should be warm soft with the right breathable fabric to allow them the space needed to breathe and keep them cosy for a longer duration.

Layering a baby’s clothing is always a good idea because it retains heat between the layers. If you wear a single jacket to keep yourself warm, put on 2 layers to keep the baby warm as their body is still developing each day. 

2. Massage your baby thoroughly

Massaging your baby with lukewarm oil can help keep the baby cosy and warm during the day. Massage oil can enhance blood circulation and aid in a baby’s appropriate growth and development. Along with keeping the infant warm, it can also aid in digestion, promote better sleep, strengthen bones and muscles, and provide necessary nutrients and moisture to the baby’s skin.

3. Use humidifiers in the room

During the winter, the moisture in your skin gets pulled out by cold, dry air resulting in dryness, peeling and dullness. A humidifier is required as the hot air from a furnace is dry. Dry air does not keep heat effectively, adding water vapour from a humidifier balances the humidity making the wet air feel warmer.

4. Keep the newborn cosy 

The first time mothers wonder what could be newborn baby dress for winters. It is essential to keep your baby warm at all times in winter but avoid wrapping them in thick sweaters all the time as it can restrict their movement and make them irritable.

5. Keep yourself safe and healthy

To take care of your baby, your health is equally as important as his/hers. As a mother, you will always be the first person to be in baby’s contact, so maintaining a clean and healthy environment yourself is essential. Newborn babies’ immune systems are not strong enough to tolerate the changing weather and its diseases.

6. Breastfeeding is best

Mothers milk is a rich source of iron and can help in strengthening the bones and muscles of the baby. A mothers touch and warmth is the best thing to keep a child away from any infections and illnesses. Mothers milk ensures that the baby gets all of the nutrients required to stay healthy.


Yes, the drop or rise in temperature can make the baby cry as either they are too cold or feeling too hot depending on the temperature.

Touching your baby’s hands, forehead, stomach, or foot can help you determine the baby’s warmth.

When going outside, a woolen romper with hand and foot mittens and a warm blanket over the baby can help the baby stay warm and cosy.

When a baby is feeling excessively chilly, it may lose its energy to cry and appear disinterested in feeding.

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