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Shaky Hands - Normal or Not ?

Reason for Hand Shivering
Reason for Hand Shivering

Shaky hands may cause minor annoyance for some people. Others may experience difficulties using their hands while performing routine tasks as a result of the ailment.

Below is the list of various possible reasons for trembling hands and also looking into the possible therapies possibilities on how to stop the hands from shaking.

Causes of Shaky Hands
Causes of Shaky Hands

Below are some potential causes of hand shivering.

Enhanced physiological tremors 

EPT is a noticeable form of physiological tremor as it affects the hands and fingers. There are several reasons that can cause EPT in people such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, lack of sleep, overactive thyroid, and excessive intake of caffeine. People with physiological tremors usually do not require any treatment, but it is recommended that the patient should work on improving their muscle coordination. 

Neurological conditions

Tremors are usually due to an issue in the parts of the brain. The neurological conditions that can cause shaky hands are Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Dystonia, and traumatic brain injury.

Health conditions

The following health conditions can also cause shaky hands psychiatric conditions, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress, panicking, and certain medication or drugs can also cause hand tremors.


Drugs that are given for psychiatric conditions such as antidepressants or medication given for stabilizing the mood, seizure medication can lead to hand tremors. Heavy medications that can suppress the immune system making the body weak from the inside, cancer medication, anti-arrhythmic drugs, and strong antibiotics can also cause severe hand shivering.

Is it normal to have shaky hands?
Is it normal to have shaky hands?

If you are someone who feels stressed, anxious, and do not take sufficient sleep then it is surely normal to have shaky hands. Mild hand tremors do not affect a person’s daily life but may become a cause of concern if the person experiences severe or persistent tremors that start to interfere with daily activities.

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