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Patient Rights And Responsibilities

To give our patients the best possible care, we adhere to a specific set of standards and ask that our patients do the same. It is our job to give our patients appropriate treatment and advice, and to involve them in clinical decision making as much as possible. In the interest of their health, no care will be given without our patients’ informed consent.

It is important that our patients understand all the information given to them and they ask questions if they are unsure of anything.

Patient Rights


  • Right to receive treatment
  • Right to be heard to their satisfaction without interruption of the doctor
  • Expectation from the doctor to write the prescription legibly and explain the details of dosage, dos and don’ts and generic options for the medicine
  • Right to information on whom to contact in case of an emergency
  • Right to refusal of treatment


  • Right to seek a second opinion on their medical condition
  • Right to information from the doctor on treatment options regarding care plan, progress and information on their healthcare needs so they can select what works best for them
  • Right to make choices about their care
  • Opportunity to be seen by a clinician of their choice (although we aim to offer them a choice of clinicians and continuity of care, they will accept that this is not always possible (e.g. holidays) and they will therefore be willing to see an alternative clinician)
  • Right to be explained about the proposed care including the risks, alternatives and benefits

Right to provide feedback and redress

  • Right to lodge a complaint
  • Right to fair and prompt hearing of any concerns
  • Right to appeal to a higher authority
  • Opportunity to make suggestions on how we can improve our services, which will be forwarded to our management team

Confidentiality and dignity

  • Right to personal dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Privacy during examination and treatment
  • Protection from physical abuse and neglect
  • Accommodation of and respect for any special needs such as spiritual and cultural preferences
  • Right to confidentiality about medical condition and personal records in-line with our policy
  • Right not to be unlawfully discriminated against in the provision of our services


  • Right to receive complete information on the medical problem, prescription, treatment, procedure details and diagnostic results
  • Right to be explained about expected results, possible complications and any change in the patient’s condition in a timely manner
  • A documented procedure for obtaining informed consent before transfusion of blood and blood components, anaesthesia, surgery, any invasive, high risk procedures or treatment
  • Right for patient’s authorised individual to receive a copy of their clinical records
  • Right to complete information on the expected cost of treatment
  • Right to information on hospital rules and regulations


  • Right to access any of our services. Patients will not be refused access on unreasonable grounds
  • In the case of an urgent medical complaint, a patient has the right to been seen the same day, though not necessarily by their usual doctor
  • We endeavour to answer all telephone calls to the hospital within six rings
  • Waiting times at the hospital are usually kept to a minimum, but delays are sometime unavoidable. Patients will be advised if there is delay of more than 15 minutes and be offered the choice of waiting or making an alternative appointment.

Patient Responsibilities


  • Agree to be honest with their doctor and disclose their family/medical history
  • Agree to inform us if they change address or telephone number – we may need to contact them urgently

Intent for health promotion

  • Take responsibility for their health, and do everything in their capacity to maintain healthy habits and routines


  • Respect the doctors and medical staff caring for and treating them
  • Agree to abide by hospital/facility rules and regulations
  • Bear the agreed expenses of the treatment explained to them in advance and pay their bills on time
  • Provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims and work with the hospital and physician billing offices to make payment arrangements
  • Agree to respect that we are working very hard to provide the best service we can for all our patients and that any violent, aggressive or abusive behavior may lead to their removal from the practice list and/or police involvement
  • Patients agree to respect the fact that, while waiting in the hospital, emergency cases will have to be given priority

Treatment compliance

  • Agree to be punctual for treatment
  • Agree to comply with doctor’s treatment plan and not to give medications prescribed for him/her to others
  • Follow the prescribed treatment plan, carefully comply with the instructions given and to attend follow up appointment as requested
  • Agree to have realistic expectations from their doctor and his/her treatment
  • They agree to inform the doctor if any information or instructions have been difficult to understand
  • Display intent to participate intelligently in their medical care
  • Accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure a safe and secure stay in the hospital
  • Accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records

Transparency and honesty

  • Agree to make a sincere effort to understand therapies
  • Agree to not ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates and/or advocate forcefully by unlawful means to be provide with such
  • Agree to inform and discuss with their doctor in case of any dissatisfaction if his/her condition worsens or does not follow the expected course
  • Agree to report fraud and wrongdoing
  • Understand the charter of rights and seek clarification