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At the CK Birla Hospital, your safety and comfort is our topmost priority. To ensure that high-quality healthcare is accessible and available within the reach of every Indian, we have introduced the advanced facility of online doctor consultations.

An online consultation allows you to connect with a recognised healthcare provider at the tap of a button. We offer one-to-one consultations backed up by modern technology and combined with the personal touch of our compassionate approach.

Now connect and consult with experts from multiple specialities at the ease and convenience of your home.


Q1. How do I contact the medical experts at the CK Birla Hospital?

You can now connect with our medical experts directly from your phone. To connect with our medical experts, choose the concerned speciality or specialist and book an online consultation today. 

Q2. Why should I consider booking an appointment online?

Online doctor consultation allows you to access the expertise and proficiency of a medical expert with convenience and ease without having to visit the hospital in person unless medically required. 

Q3. What details are needed to make an appointment?

We will only ask for your name and contact while booking an appointment with a medical expert of your choice and desired specialty. 

Q4. Can my entire appointment be managed online?

Yes, your entire appointment can be managed. Your doctor will review your condition by discussing your symptoms, medical history and overall health. You may be asked to visit the hospital in case your doctor suspects you require diagnostic tests and screenings.

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