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About Us

The CK Birla Group is a $2.4 billion global conglomerate that has made a mark in several fields such as Healthcare, Education, Technology, Automotive, etc. As a group, they are known for long standing partnerships & relationships, trust, philanthropy & scientific research. 


Experience clinical excellence by the Best Neonatologist And Pediatrician In Adarsh Nagar

CK Birla Hospital is a part of this legacy of over 150 years in India and abroad. We are a multi-specialty hospital offering the best and the latest in healthcare. Apart from various specialties, our top team of qualified and experienced doctors and team of nurses excel in Neonatology & Paediatrics. So if you are looking for the best neonatologist and paediatrician in Adarsh Nagar, CK Birla Hospital, Delhi will meet all your requirements. 


Personalized care by Top Neonatologist And Pediatrician In Adarsh Nagar

Whether you are looking for specialised care for your newborn or need advanced  fetal medicine during pregnancy or the attention of the best neonatologist and paediatrician in Adarsh Nagar for your little one, you have come to the right place. CK Birla Hospital, Delhi offers the following: 

  • State-of-the-art level III NICU 
  • Expert neonatologists for new born babies (in high risk categories or otherwise) 
  • World-class Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) 
  • Best in class developmental paediatrics centre 
  • Baby friendly hospital that follows WHO guidelines 
  • Advanced specialisations in paediatric orthopaedics, paediatric urology, developmental paediatrics, paediatric ophthalmology, etc. 


To reach the best neonatologist and paediatrician in Adarsh Nagar, you can use different modes of transport: 

By road: 9.1 km via AH1

By metro: Azadpur metro station to Punjabi Bagh, West in pink line

Nearest landmark: Punjabi Bagh Club

Nearest Bus Stand: Punjabi Bagh Bus Stand


CK Birla Hospital, 57/41, Rd Number 41,

West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh,

New Delhi, Delhi – 110026


Monday - Sunday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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What age do neonatologists treat?

Neonatologists treat newborn babies (up to 4 weeks of age). Neonatology is a sub specialisation of paediatrics where the specialist provides healthcare to new born babies born with birth defects, illness, low birth weight or born prematurely. 

Is neonatology a super Speciality?

Neonatology is a subspecialty of paediatrics. There are often super specialities under neonatology. 

Can a 22 year old see a paediatrician?

A 22 year old is an adult who can see other doctors depending on the nature of the problem or issue. Paediatricians treat young children in their growth phase for various conditions. 

How do I find the best paediatrician near me?

To find the best paediatrician near you, consider going to a multi-specialty hospital like CK Birla Hospital with a robust and experienced team. If you are looking for the best paediatrician in Adarsh Nagar, you can visit CK Birla Hospital, Delhi. 

What happens at the first Paediatrician appointment?

In the first appointment with a paediatrician, the doctor will ask the parent about the growth and medical history since birth of the child, milestones, any symptoms or problems, behaviour of the child, etc. It is recommended to carry any medical reports so that the paediatrician can get a clear picture and give advice. 

Are infants and pediatrics the same?

While the term ‘infant’ refers to a young child or toddler up to the age of 2 years, paediatrics covers children of older age such as 5 years and above. 

Can paediatricians treat parents?

Paediatricians specialising in treating children but they can give advice to parents on how to monitor children and what to do in case of issues that may come up. 

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