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Tag: Urinary Tract Infection

diabetes in women, vaginal dryness during diabetes, UTI
November 12, 2018

By Dr. Aruna Kalra   Diabetes, a metabolic syndrome in the human body affects the ability to utilise glucose to provide energy to the body. Women are more susceptible to complications as they tend to be further along in the disease when they are diagnosed. A few symptoms specific to women are frequent urinary tract infections, vaginal infection (mostly fungal), poly cystic ovarian syndrome and infertility, and vaginal dryness. Understanding how type 2 diabetes can affect the health

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Urinary Tract Infection,uti
February 15, 2019

Travelling is a nightmare for many women in India, majorly because of the lack of clean restrooms. Trains, restaurants, and the other public washroom options aren’t the cleanest and have chances of spreading Urinary tract infections (UTI) in women. Corporate offices mostly have common washrooms. The sad part is, to avoid infections, women control their pee. This, in fact, could aggravate the chances of UTI. Here are a few symptoms of UTI to look out for: - Persistent urge to

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burning Sensation when urinating, burning Sensation after urinating, Pain during Urination, Pain During and after urination, burning and pain when urinating, Pain and burning after urination, dysuria, dysuria causes, Painful urination, what causes pain when urinating
February 13, 2021

There are some things in life that we tend to ignore unless we find something bothersome about them. For instance, urine. When was the last time you thought of something like urination? Our guess: when you felt pain or discomfort like burning sensation when urinating.  Most of us can relate to the burning sensation after urinating. However common, it is a serious health concern that we must not ignore. In this article, Dr Shalabh Agrawal, the best urologist in Gurgaon, talks about the reason

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UTI in men, Urinary tract infection in men, UTI symptoms, Causes of UTI, UTI causes in Men
January 11, 2021

Most of us are familiar with the term Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. It is a condition that is more commonly associated with women. While women are more prone to developing urinary tract infections, men can also develop UTIs. In this article, Dr Shalabh Aggrawal - leading urologist and andrologist in Gurgaon answers common questions about urinary tract infections or UTI in men, their symptoms, treatment and preventive measures.  What is urinary tract infection or UTI?  The male urinary

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