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Tag: Pregnancy Tips

back pain,pregnancy,Back pain during pregnancy
October 16, 2019

Back pain during Pregnancy is very common, especially in the second half of pregnancy. Some common causes of back pain during pregnancy are as follows: The prime cause of the back pain is the weight that the growing uterus and the baby exerts on the back. In a normal healthy pregnancy, women tend to gain around 10 to 15 kgs of weight. The growing uterus on the lower back leading to. Postural changes is again a common cause of backache. The growing foetus and the uterus often leads to

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Pregnancy Diet,diet during pregnancy
September 30, 2019

Having a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy is extremely important not only for the health of the mother but also for the baby. The calorie requirements of a pregnant woman increase by 300 to 500 calories during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Diet having lack of certain important nutrients can affect the growth of the baby adversely. A healthy diet during pregnancy helps in keeping the pregnant woman healthy, adequate growth of the baby, uneventful delivery and

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Pregnancy Third Trimester
September 24, 2019

The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the 28th week and continues till delivery. Delivery of the baby usually takes place around 40th week of pregnancy. However, there can be a variation of a week or two on either side. Crossing your EDD might require induction of labour. Have a chat with your doctor regarding the same. The baby will grow in this trimester to its full extent. The baby develops all its systems and organs to its entirety. By the time you reach the 34th week of pregnancy

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Pregnancy Exercises,exercise during pregnancy
August 30, 2019

Aching back, swollen ankles and insomnia-sounds familiar? In other words, you’re likely to be pregnant!  Is there anything you can do to minimise these uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy? Turns out, there is exercise. Maintaining a regular exercise routine during the course of your pregnancy can help you stay hale and hearty. Working out while you’re pregnant provides a lot of health benefits — a mood booster, a diminution in many pregnancies-related uncomfortable symptoms and a

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