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Tag: Orthopedics

Sprained ankle prevention, sprained ankle prevention tips, sprained ankle causes, sprained ankle
January 11, 2021

Picture this: Your school football team has made it to the finales. You have to play in the big game tomorrow but you accidentally fall and sprain your ankle. Now before you stress out in such a situation, let us tell you some expert-approved ways on how to heal a sprained ankle as soon as possible.  A sprained ankle is a common occurrence among athletes and people who routinely exercise. It is also considerably easy to prevent common foot and ankle injuries.  In this article, Dr Anuj

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ACL Injury, ACL injury treatment, ligament tear treatment
May 27, 2020

An ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury occurs due to activities that involve sudden and jerky movements in the knees. These injuries are highly common among teenagers that are into high-intensity sports activities. Female athletes are three times more susceptible to this injury than male athletes due to factors like genetics, strength, and anatomy. This is why it is important to study the causes, symptoms and the ACL tear treatment before it leads to something severe and possibly

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