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Tag: Orthopaedics

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December 11, 2020

Remember when we were kids, our parents would tell us to only concentrate on our studies. Extracurricular activities like playing sports or learning music were given less importance. Thankfully, this thinking has changed now and sports has gained prominence. People understand the contribution of athletics and games for a healthy life. However, it may also lead to injuries. In this article, Dr Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay, Sports Injury Specialist at the CK Birla Hospital explores what is sports

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bunion, bunion surgery, bunion treatment, bunionectomy, foot bunion, bunion correction
November 19, 2020

A bunion (or hallux valgus) is a deformity on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. Bunions can be unsightly and even painful in severe cases. It can develop in people of all ages. Dr Anuj Chawla leading orthopaedic surgeon and one of the best foot specialists in Gurgaon sheds more light on the causes of bunions, their treatment and how can you prevent this painful deformity.  What causes bunions? The metatarsophalangeal joint (also known as the MTP joint) connects the toes to the main part

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knee replacement surgery failure, risk factors of knee replacement surgery, Knee replacement surgery, symptoms of knee replacement failure, why do knee replacements fail, Best knee replacement surgeon in India, knee replacement complications, knee replacement surgery, post-operative care, knee replacement surgery recovery tips
November 17, 2020

Even the thought of going through surgery is overwhelming. Imagine experiencing the complications from the said surgery. Though there has been revolutionary growth in healthcare, this field is not exempt from failures. A common example of such blunders is the prevalence of knee replacement surgery failure.  Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroscopy, is a conventional and effective surgical treatment for conditions like knee arthritis. The average span of the impact of this

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what is osteoporosis, lack of calcium causes osteoporosis, Calcium and bone health, Calcium and its link to osteoporosis, Calcium to prevent osteoporosis, best calcium supplement for osteoporosis, Best Calcium for osteoporosis, do calcium supplements help osteoporosis, Calcium rich foods, Calcium rich foods for bones
September 24, 2020

We all grew up listening to “drink your milk if you want to grow big and strong!”. But is plain old milk the magic answer to all bone related concerns? There are many who vouch that increasing calcium intake by having around 3 glasses of milk is the best way to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterised by bone loss or weakened bones. People suffering from osteoporosis break their bones easily, sometimes even with a sneeze or cough.  There are also many who

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