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Tag: Obstetrics

Best birthing technique, birthing method, child delivery method, child birth method,
November 3, 2020

Throughout the ages, childbirth has been considered to be one of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences. Many expectant mothers, however, especially first-time mothers dread the infamous labour pains that come along with “the miracle of birth”.   With leaping advances in technology and medical care, women have a number of alternatives to choose from while deciding how to deliver their baby. These birthing techniques adopt different ways to manage labour pain and make childbirth

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Pregnancy symptoms in Hindi, pregnancy ke lakshan, Pregnancy in Hindi, Pregnancy ke laksan in hindi, Pregnancy ke lakshan in first week, Pregnancy ke shuruati lakshan
October 30, 2020

क्या आपके पीरियड्स मिस हुए हैं? यदि इसका उत्तर हाँ है तो यह आपकी प्रेगनेंसी का एक शुरूआती लक्षण (Pregnancy symptoms in Hindi) हो सकता है। वैसे तो प्रेगनेंसी की जाँच के लिए मार्किट में बहुत सारे प्राथमिक टेस्ट

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Rh factor, Rh factor impact pregnancy
September 23, 2020

Your blood type is either positive or negative. This indicates the presence or absence of a protein called Rh (rhesus) protein in your blood. Checking for blood type is the possibly the most preliminary test done when you are pregnant.   The Rh factor is passed through genes. Which means the foetus will either have a positive or negative blood type depending on the parents’ blood type. If the expectant mother is Rh negative and her foetus is Rh negative, it results in a complication called

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breast sagging,breast cancer,childbirth
August 30, 2020

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause pronounced changes in a women’s body - visible veins, enlarged uterus, and weight gain are all frequent physical changes that a pregnant woman may undergo. Apart from these changes, sagging or drooping breasts is considered another inevitable norm for most pregnant and ageing women. This can be a cause for significant concern and embarrassment. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to combat sagging breasts or what is medically termed as

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