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Tag: Obstetrics

June 19, 2019

Water birthing is an ancient technique that helps in reducing labour pain for women, making the process smoother and relaxing for the expectant mother. Because the baby is in the amniotic fluid sac for nine months, birthing in a similar environment is gentler for the baby, leading to lesser painful contractions, increased production of endorphins, shorter labour period, among many other benefits. However, it is best suited for pregnant women who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy of 37 plus

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February 27, 2021

‘Drinking is injurious to health’ - all of us are familiar with this health advisory. The ill-effects of alcohol are evident among people of all age groups. There is no good time for heavy drinking. However, there is a most definitively a bad time - pregnancy. Alcohol during pregnancy poses harm to not only the expectant mother but also the unborn child.  In this article, Dr  Aruna Kalra, a top obstetrician and gynaecologists at the CK Birla Hospital, talks about the effects of using

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Mood swings during pregnancy, mood changes in Pregnancy, pregnancy mood swings, dealing with mood swings in Pregnancy
January 12, 2021

Indian daily soaps are well-known for their overabundant dramatic plots. However, on rare occasions, these dramatic scenes are nearly realistic - for instance - while showcasing a pregnancy. An expecting mother undergoes an upheaval of mood swings throughout 9 months. The mood swings during pregnancy are not at all exaggerated.  While the physical changes of pregnancy are lauded in women, the emotional changes are often sidelined. Every shift of emotions that a pregnant woman encounters is

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December 18, 2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You can now prepare to go through a rollercoaster of emotional and physical changes during the next 9 months. While pregnancy is mostly a joyous life event, it is also a time that calls for caution. You need to stay informed and practice watchfulness at every step. It is, therefore, important to learn about the warning signs of pregnancy.  In this article, Dr Astha Dayal, one of the best obstetricians in Gurgaon explains the most common warning signs during

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