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November 16, 2020

Earlier women who delivered via a cesarean section had no other option other than opting for a cesarean section for all subsequent pregnancies. Today, VBAC or vaginal birth after caesarean offers an alternate birthing process for women. In this article, Dr Anjali Kumar, top obstetrician and gynaecologist in Delhi NCR talks about 5 things everyone thinking of VBAC should know.  VBAC is not suitable for every expectant mother Before opting for VBAC, you need to assess if it is the right

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Best birthing technique, birthing method, child delivery method, child birth method,
November 3, 2020

Throughout the ages, childbirth has been considered to be one of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences. Many expectant mothers, however, especially first-time mothers dread the infamous labour pains that come along with “the miracle of birth”.   With leaping advances in technology and medical care, women have a number of alternatives to choose from while deciding how to deliver their baby. These birthing techniques adopt different ways to manage labour pain and make childbirth

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Normal Delievry,preperation of normal delivery
April 13, 2020

For new mothers-to-be, the last trimester of their pregnancy can be a period wrought with mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is the increased exhaustion, and then there’s also the eager anticipation of getting to hold their baby. It is only natural that they would have plenty of questions about the upcoming childbirth. While it is up to the mother to choose between a natural delivery and cesarean delivery, correct information regarding the risks and benefits associated with the

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Normal Delivery
August 26, 2019

Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience and by far the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life leading to motherhood. During pregnancy, a woman’s body and her emotions undergo changes which make her strong and positive preparing her for childbirth. There are different kinds of delivery procedures possible namely; vaginal delivery or natural childbirth, caesarean section, forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and vaginal birth after cesarean. Out of all these procedures, the most

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