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Tag: Neonatal Care

Pregnancy Third Trimester
September 24, 2019

The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the 28th week and continues till delivery. Delivery of the baby usually takes place around 40th week of pregnancy. However, there can be a variation of a week or two on either side. Crossing your EDD might require induction of labour. Have a chat with your doctor regarding the same. The baby will grow in this trimester to its full extent. The baby develops all its systems and organs to its entirety. By the time you reach the 34th week of pregnancy

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Neonatal Care, NICU
July 19, 2019

While a NICU is rarely part of a birth plan, knowing what neonatal services are available at the place where you are giving birth, should something be required, can help put parents at ease. For example, it is much easier for the neonatal team to communicate with obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine doctors a lot before the baby is born. This communication continues as the baby receives care from many specialists in the hospital, and then follows the infant after being released from the

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