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Tag: Infertility

July 4, 2018

Infertility in India is on the rise with more and more young couples delaying their first child. This subject has also given rise to several myths a few of which are cleared

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diabetes in women, vaginal dryness during diabetes, UTI
November 12, 2018

By Dr. Aruna Kalra   Diabetes, a metabolic syndrome in the human body affects the ability to utilise glucose to provide energy to the body. Women are more susceptible to complications as they tend to be further along in the disease when they are diagnosed. A few symptoms specific to women are frequent urinary tract infections, vaginal infection (mostly fungal), poly cystic ovarian syndrome and infertility, and vaginal dryness. Understanding how type 2 diabetes can affect the health

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February 15, 2019

Your gynaecologist wants you to open up about your health concerns so that he/she can offer you the best care and treatment methods. After all, it’s your own body, and you know it the best. At the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon, awareness and care is our utmost priority! Here are some things which your gynaecologist might want you to be aware of: - Keep a watch on the discharge Itching, irritation and abnormal discharge do not always mean that you have an infection. There could be

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infertility treatment for women
February 21, 2019

A range of treatment options is available for childless couples to help them conceive. Treatment varies with the patient’s age, duration of infertility and most importantly, the factor causing infertility. Here we shall discuss the options available specifically for women. Problems with ovulation, pelvic infections, damage to fallopian tubes or uterus, hormonal imbalances or problems with the cervix are common causes of infertility in females. Age can contribute to infertility because as a

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