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Tag: Health Tips

control blood pressure,high blood pressure control
November 6, 2019

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that almost every other individual we see around is affected with. It is also called a silent killer as it does not manifest symptoms but can lead to serious and life-threatening conditions like stroke and heart diseases. Blood pressure has two components: systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure represents the top number which is the pressure in the blood vessels when the heartbeats, the diastolic

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Vitamin D Deficiency,low vitamin D
July 30, 2019

Vitamin D also known as sunshine vitamin helps in keeping your bones strong. Recent researches suggest that Vitamin D protects you from a lot of health problems. Vitamin D is produced by your body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. There are a few foods like fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks- fortifies dairy and grain products through which we can intake Vitamin D. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency Listed below are a few symptoms that can help you understand that you might have

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diet plan during summers,summer diet, diet to keep your body cool
May 2, 2019

With temperature going up, we get dehydrated easily due to excess sweat and perspiration and we constantly reach out for things to keep us cool. Major problems during summers are acidity, heartburn, lack of energy etc. Points to keep in mind during summers: Increase your water intake. In case of high humidity, we do not sweat adequately, we cannot release heat efficiently from our body. That is the reason that we should drink enough water at regular intervals even if we are not

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