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Tag: Dr. Astha Dayal

February 15, 2019

Your gynaecologist wants you to open up about your health concerns so that he/she can offer you the best care and treatment methods. After all, it’s your own body, and you know it the best. At the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon, awareness and care is our utmost priority! Here are some things which your gynaecologist might want you to be aware of: - Keep a watch on the discharge Itching, irritation and abnormal discharge do not always mean that you have an infection. There could be

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June 19, 2019

Water birthing is an ancient technique that helps in reducing labour pain for women, making the process smoother and relaxing for the expectant mother. Because the baby is in the amniotic fluid sac for nine months, birthing in a similar environment is gentler for the baby, leading to lesser painful contractions, increased production of endorphins, shorter labour period, among many other benefits. However, it is best suited for pregnant women who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy of 37 plus

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Role of Folic Acid During Pregnancy,pregnancy,best gynaecologist in Gurgaon
March 23, 2020

Folic acid plays a vital role in the growth and development of your baby, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Hence, folic acid supplements are often prescribed during pregnancy. Let’s explore the importance of folic acid during pregnancy. What Is folic acid? Folic acid, also called pteroylmonoglutamic acid, is the synthetic form of Folate (Vitamin B9). While folate is typically found in leafy vegetables, folic acid is present in fortified food items or supplements.

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
December 19, 2019

Overview Gestational diabetes is a condition where a pregnant female has a high level of blood sugar. It is important that the female had normal blood sugar levels prior to pregnancy to be called gestational diabetes. This condition usually resolves as the baby is born. There are very high chances of a female who has had gestational diabetes to develop type 2 diabetes eventually later on in her life. Symptoms Most of the women with gestational diabetes usually do not present with any

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