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Tag: Cesarean Delivery

Normal Delievry,preperation of normal delivery
April 13, 2020

For new mothers-to-be, the last trimester of their pregnancy can be a period wrought with mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is the increased exhaustion, and then there’s also the eager anticipation of getting to hold their baby. It is only natural that they would have plenty of questions about the upcoming childbirth. While it is up to the mother to choose between a natural delivery and cesarean delivery, correct information regarding the risks and benefits associated with the

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c-section delivery,Caesarean section
September 30, 2019

A Caesarean section is considered to be a major abdominal surgery. This can be conducted as a lifesaving procedure for the baby and the mother at the time of delivery, however, it does carry certain risks and might take longer period for recovery when compared to a normal vaginal delivery. On an average a complete recovery from a cesarean section takes around 6 to 8 weeks. However, not every female is same and hence, there can be certain variations in the recovery period. In most of the

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