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Tag: Breast Self Examination

January 28, 2019

Usually, the first symptom noticeable for breast cancer will be a lump within your breast. However, other symptoms and signs are also there to be noticed regarding breast cancer mentioned below: A throbbing pain in your breast. A noticeable change in size or shape of one breast.  Alteration to the skin texture which may be caused due to rumples or depressions on the skin of the breast. An intense change in the hue of the breast skin, looking red or inflamed. Feeling that

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Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines, Screening Guidelines, High risk for Breast Cancer
January 11, 2021

No single woman is exempt from the risk of developing breast cancer. Nevertheless, some women have a definitive increased risk. Your screening instructions differ when you have a high risk of breast cancer. In this article, Dr Rohan Khandelwal, a leading breast cancer expert at the CK Birla Hospital, sheds some light on the breast cancer screening guidelines for women with above-average risk.  What determines a high risk of breast cancer? Some women are more vulnerable to developing

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