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Tag: Breast Cancer

January 28, 2019

Usually, the first symptom noticeable for breast cancer will be a lump within your breast. However, other symptoms and signs are also there to be noticed regarding breast cancer mentioned below: A throbbing pain in your breast. A noticeable change in size or shape of one breast.  Alteration to the skin texture which may be caused due to rumples or depressions on the skin of the breast. An intense change in the hue of the breast skin, looking red or inflamed. Feeling that

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Breast Cancer Awareness at CK Birla Hospital
April 11, 2019

CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon is the first of its kind to introduce water birthing for expecting mothers. Women experience less pain in this procedure and the process is gentle on the baby as well. Apart from this, the hospital also has a new Breast Centre that offers healthcare services like breast surgery, breast reconstruction and conservation, ultrasound and mammogram, screening through breast exams, chemotherapy, post-treatment support, etc. The Breast Center in collaboration with the

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April 16, 2019

While it is not easy to eradicate all the chances of getting breast cancer, a way of lowering the risk of developing breast cancer is by making lifestyle changes such as drinking less alcohol, being regularly physically active, and maintaining a healthy weight. It is also important for women aged 50 to get a screening done every year or maximum every 2 years as age is one of the biggest risk factors for getting breast cancer. Another reason for the high mortality rates in breast cancer is

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April 20, 2019

The CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, offers a detailed and comprehensive program for breast cancer prevention. It is also the only hospital in Gurgaon to offer the newest and most unique breast screening technique – Tactile Breast Examination (TBE). Along with, the Breast Centre at CK Birla Hospital also offers advanced diagnostics like ultrasound, digital mammography, MRI breast, image-guided biopsy, etc., patient education and counseling, genomic screening, breast surgeries including breast

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