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Tag: Baby Delivery

Risks of Water birthing, Water birthing, What is water birthing, birth in water hurt less, Water birth benefits, Water birth hurt less, Water birth delivery, Water birth process
September 21, 2020

Deciding how you want to deliver your baby is quite an important decision to make during pregnancy. Many expectant women turn pale at the thought of labour pains. They may also find themselves overwhelmed with advice given by well-meaning friends and family. Water birthing to manage labour pains is one such advice that seems to keep popping up.    Let us take a closer look at this birthing technique to see if it is actually enough to effectively manage labour pains.    What is water

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signs of labour pains, early signs of Labour, early signs of labour approaching, 1st signs of labour, sign of true labour pain
August 17, 2020

Nearing your due date? It is the time to recognize the early signs of labour pains. This can help be prepared, grab the “go bag” and reach your hospital to welcome the little one.   Many a time, initial symptoms of labour are vague and easily misinterpreted. Whether it is your first pregnancy or not, you can always get confused with dull labour cramps and discomfort after a heavy meal. Or even your water breaking or urine trickling thanks to the pressure on your bladder. To help you

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Normal Delivery
August 26, 2019

Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience and by far the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life leading to motherhood. During pregnancy, a woman’s body and her emotions undergo changes which make her strong and positive preparing her for childbirth. There are different kinds of delivery procedures possible namely; vaginal delivery or natural childbirth, caesarean section, forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and vaginal birth after cesarean. Out of all these procedures, the most

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Neonatal Care, NICU
July 19, 2019

While a NICU is rarely part of a birth plan, knowing what neonatal services are available at the place where you are giving birth, should something be required, can help put parents at ease. For example, it is much easier for the neonatal team to communicate with obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine doctors a lot before the baby is born. This communication continues as the baby receives care from many specialists in the hospital, and then follows the infant after being released from the

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