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Tag: Arthroscopy

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November 17, 2020

Even the thought of going through surgery is overwhelming. Imagine experiencing the complications from the said surgery. Though there has been revolutionary growth in healthcare, this field is not exempt from failures. A common example of such blunders is the prevalence of knee replacement surgery failure.  Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroscopy, is a conventional and effective surgical treatment for conditions like knee arthritis. The average span of the impact of this

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Knee replacement surgery, arthroplasty of the knee
July 6, 2020

Knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty of the knee is performed when there is severe pain that doesn't respond to medicine, mobility issues or considerable damage to the knee. Some common reasons why your doctor may recommend knee arthroplasty: Osteoarthritis: This occurs when cartilage (protective tissue that surrounds the bone) breaks down, causing pain and limiting joint function. Over time, this joint disease worsens, making it unable to climb, walk or run with ease. Sometimes,

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