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Tag: ankle sprain

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January 22, 2021

Three factors are interpreted for increased incidences of ankle injuries – slippery surfaces, sports and high heels. It is, however, possible to hurt your ankle at other places and situations. Even a casual walk around the neighbourhood can make you trip and fall, sometimes leading to an ankle fracture. According to a study by the Indian Journal of Medical Research, more than 69% of people in Delhi between the age group 35-68 suffer from a high risk of bone fractures. The incidence of ankle

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Sprained ankle prevention, sprained ankle prevention tips, sprained ankle causes, sprained ankle
January 11, 2021

Picture this: Your school football team has made it to the finales. You have to play in the big game tomorrow but you accidentally fall and sprain your ankle. Now before you stress out in such a situation, let us tell you some expert-approved ways on how to heal a sprained ankle as soon as possible.  A sprained ankle is a common occurrence among athletes and people who routinely exercise. It is also considerably easy to prevent common foot and ankle injuries.  In this article, Dr Anuj

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Foot and ankle injuries in Athletes, athlete foot, common problems with athletes
October 8, 2020

A lot of us today, regardless of age, are involved in sports to stay fit and active. Due to our hectic schedules during the week, many of us fall in the “weekend warrior” category. Basically, we indulge in physical activity during weekends and holidays. In such cases, due to the fact that our bodies are not used to regular physical activity, performing sports without adequate warm-up and training can result in injuries. Foot and ankle regions are one of the most common areas of sports

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