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Tag: Abdominal Pain

What is Food poisoning, food poisoning symptoms, signs and symptoms of food poisoning, what are the symptoms of Food Poisoning, food poisoning is caused by, food poisoning cure, Prevention of Food Poisoning
February 10, 2021

Most Indians have an extraordinary liking for street foods. The spicy tangy flavourful snacks served by vendors have a special place in our hearts. When you have such appetizing options, you will not be a fan of bland food. However, there is one thing worse than eating bland and boring meals - food poisoning. This article explores what is food poisoning along with its symptoms, causes and treatment.  Food borne illnesses are highly common in India with a prevalence of nearly 13% at a

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Stomach pain at night, night time stomach pain, stomach pain, stomach ache at night
January 11, 2021

Picture this - you have sent that important email, rushed to cook and eat dinner, cleaned up the house and put the children to bed. Now it’s your time to cuddle up and get a good night’s sleep. But as you are dozing off in the world of dreams, you are interrupted by a throbbing pain the stomach. Stomach pain at night is a surprisingly common condition.  In this article, Dr Mayank Madan, a leading general surgeon at the CK Birla Hospital, discusses some common reasons behind nighttime

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