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At most times, surgery for a hernia is the relevant method for improving your health. Read the article by Dr Mayank Madan, a renowned Hernia surgeon in the CK Birla Hospital explores what is a hernia about. 

The incidence of hernia in India is very high. Men, in comparison to women, are more susceptible to developing hernias. Although this ailment can occur in people across ages, a hernia is most common among the elderly. In this article, Dr Mayank Madan, a renowned Hernia surgeon in the CK Birla Hospital, explores what is

Bariatric surgery is used in combination with lifestyle and dietary changes to effectively treat obesity. People who are obese and have serious health conditions such as type II diabetes or sleep apnoea (due to their weight) are considered for bariatric surgery.  

For years diet and exercise were the only two methods of tackling obesity. Even today, they are essential for healthy weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight.   However, in some cases, losing weight is not as simple as increasing one’s physical activity and decreasing their daily calorie intake. This is when weight loss surgery

Is laparoscopic surgery safe? As compared to traditional open surgeries, laparoscopic surgery is considered safer as they minimise the time spent by the patient in the hospital or on bed rest.

Over the past few years, recovery time, scarring and pain associated with a wide range of general surgeries have reduced significantly. This is all thanks to the rising popularity of “laparoscopic” procedures or keyhole surgeries. With the help of laparoscopic surgery, surgeons can now treat patients in outpatient procedures itself avoiding unnecessary risks, scarring, pain

Gynecomastia causes noticeably enlarged breasts in males. It necessarily doesn't require any treatment. However, depending on the cause, your doctor may treat you with medications or advise male chest reduction surgery to permanently get rid of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is a medical term used for enlarged or swollen breast condition in males. It occurs due to excess tissue under the breasts. Breast enlargement may be accompanied by pain and tenderness in some individuals. Breasts consist of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. Glandular tissue is dense and firm while fatty tissue is soft. A