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Women have a number of alternatives to choose from while deciding how to deliver their baby. These birthing techniques adopt different ways to manage labour pain and make childbirth easier for the mother as well as the baby.

Throughout the ages, childbirth has been considered to be one of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences. Many expectant mothers, however, especially first-time mothers dread the infamous labour pains that come along with “the miracle of birth”.   With leaping advances in technology and medical care, women have a number of alternatives to choose from while

यद्धपि हर महिला प्रेगनेंसी के भिन्न भिन्न तरह के लक्षणों को महसूस कर सकती हैं, किन्तु कुछ लक्षण सभी महिलाओं में समान होते हैं जो प्रेगनेंसी के प्रारम्भिक लक्षणों (Pregnancy symptoms in Hindi) के रूप में जाने जाते हैं।

क्या आपके पीरियड्स मिस हुए हैं? यदि इसका उत्तर हाँ है तो यह आपकी प्रेगनेंसी का एक शुरूआती लक्षण (Pregnancy symptoms in Hindi) हो सकता है। वैसे तो प्रेगनेंसी की जाँच के लिए मार्किट में बहुत सारे प्राथमिक टेस्ट उपलब्ध हैं, किन्तु कुछ लक्षण ऐसे होते हैं जिनको देखकर आप पता लगा सकती हैं की

There are a few things you must-do if you are even thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future. These will not only help increase your chances of conceiving but also make your pregnancy healthier.

While some couples prefer to leave pregnancy to chance (“let’s just stop trying not to get pregnant and see what happens”), others find themselves meticulously planning every aspect of their pregnancy.   Whichever of these categories you fall in, there are a few things you must do if you are even thinking of becoming pregnant in

Vaccinations during pregnancy help safeguard both the mother and child from infections. Pregnant women, who get vaccinated pass on important infection-fighting antibodies to their babies helping them develop stronger and healthier.  

The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought forth the importance of vaccinations. Vaccines are probably the most significant and effective ways to prevent a wide range of bacterial and viral infections.   When we think of vaccinations, we generally think that they are meant only for children. In reality, vaccinations are as important for adults, if not