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Common myths associated with breastfeeding that can help you be more cautious and aware of the facts to offer the very best to your baby.

As soon as a pregnant woman or a new mom mentions breastfeeding almost everyone offers to give an advice or opinion to the mother. While some of the advice may be helpful but most of the time wrong information is passed along from time to time through several generations. It is important to be cautious

A healthy nutritional diet is vital during pregnancy. Know more on what could be an ideal pregnancy diet.

Pregnant women tend to get numerous tips about the dos and don’ts from various sources like family, friends and the internet. Some expectant mothers believe that they have to eat for two but that’s not true. Quality matters more than quantity. So, instead of eating too much unhealthy food, the key is to focus on

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world but it also comes with big responsibility. Learn more about breastfeeding and some FAQs around it.

Is breastfeeding good for my baby? Breastfeeding not only provides food in the most natural form for babies, but also provides comfort, pain relief and the natural nurturing that babies need for development. Breast milk contains everything that a baby needs for growth in the first six months of life in exactly in the right amounts